A Behind the Scenes look at Haná Malt

We’ve decided to pull back the curtains and let you see how our first release, Haná, was developed. From the initial revival, the malting and how we assessed the malt flavour profiles, here’s the story of how we brought Haná back! ”Would highly recommend it, if you’ve got any left we’d snap your hand off” […]

Small-Batch Series

Creativity: “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.” Creativity is at the very core of the craft industries, so how can we, as Maltsters, inspire creativity? How can we encourage you to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality? What can we do as a supplier to help? The reason we […]

Crafty move to Crisp Malt

Mike Benson has become the latest in a line of technical experts to join Crisp Malt in the past few years. His experience as a brewer and quality controller sets him in good stead for his new role. As craft brewing sales manager for the North West, he will be offering technical support to customers […]

Championing Irish Craft Beer at CBR 2019

At the 2019 edition of Craft Beer Rising, Crisp Malt and Geterbrewed are bringing a crop of Irish brewers and beers to the festival for the very first time. Crisp’s Colin Johnston explains the rationale for the project. ‘We started working with Geterbrewed in early 2017 and when we entered the Irish market we didn’t […]

2019 New Season Malt Guide

We want to make sure that you’re prepared for any changes that might be thrown up as you transition from crop 2017 to crop 2018. That’s why we’ve worked with our master maltsters and brewers to prepare a handy guide to the season changeover. This guide is also particularly useful when you change over base […]

Crisp Malting Group Ltd – Harvest 2018 Update by Bob King

Introduction In the 4 weeks since our last report there has been hardly a drop of rain in northern Europe, whilst temperatures have reached record levels in Scandinavia and UK. The consequence is early harvests, low yields, quality issues (particularly in the malting barley crop) and price levels last seen in 2012. The hot and […]

Crisp Malting Group Harvest 2018 Update

Introduction With no break in the long hot and dry weather that has dominated the weather pattern over NW Europe since early May, it is not surprising to report an early start to harvest of winter barley and oilseed rape in UK. Widespread concerns about the spring barley crop throughout the EU have been further […]

Norfolk Malt for Norfolk Beer for Michelin Star Food

It’s not so very long ago that anyone asking for a beer in a restaurant would have received a cool response. Wine was the accompaniment to fine food. Michelin starred chef, Galton Blackiston, has finally put the nail in the coffin of that myth. He has gone further than offering beer in his renowned Morston […]

Crop 2018 June Update by Bob King

Introduction With the commencement of harvest in Southern Europe fast approaching, markets for all grains and oilseeds are in bullish mode as a combination of weather factors around the world appear to be heralding a move to tighter world grain stocks after several years of good harvests and growing stocks. At a global level concerns […]

Crop 2017 September Update by Bob King

Introduction Harvesting of winter barley in the south and east of England started in the last few days of June; the earliest start since 1976, with many growers starting more than 2 weeks earlier than usual. The early harvest resulted from a combination of the spring drought and a period of high temperatures and above […]