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Distilling Malts

Crisp Malting Group carefully selects two-row spring barley varieties to produce premium malt for distilling. These barley varieties deliver a high level of extract and fermentability which together provides the optimum level of potential spirit yield.

The majority of our distilling malt is produced in sites located in Scotland. The barley is malted by delicately adjusting temperatures, air supply and water levels to balance protein and cell wall modification. It is then skilfully kilned retaining the high levels of enzyme activity desired by distillers.

High Diastatic Malt

Available Whole Only

These malts are high in α- and β-amylase which provide the high levels of dextrinising units and diastatic prower needed to convert the gelatinised starch of other grains into highly fermentable sugars. This is typically used at around 10% of the mash bill.

Specialist barley varieties are grown for the production of High Diastatic Malt. This is accomplished under strict agronomic regimes and has resulted in the barley having the maximal enzyme development.

Our High Diastatic Malt can be delivered in bulk loads.


IoB: 6.5% max

EBC: 6.5% min

ASBC: 6.5% max

Dextrinising Units

IoB: 70 min DU

EBC: 70 min DU

ASBC: 70 min DU


IoB: 185 min IoB

EBC: 560 min WK

ASBC: 182 min °L


IoB: 2.10

EBC: 13.0

ASBC: 13.0

IoB: 1.75

EBC: 11.0

ASBC: 11.0




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