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Malting Barley Procurement

All the malting plants of Crisp are situated in prime malting barley producing areas. These areas have long traditions of consistently producing high quality malting barley. Consequently, it makes sense to procure our malting barley requirements from within the locality of each plant. In most seasons Crisp are able to procure the vast majority of their requirements within a 100km radius of each plant.

To ensure that Crisp can secure these requirements locally, we operate three Malting Barley Producer Groups, which combine local professional malting barley growers and specialist agricultural merchants. The Groups offer the members long term commitments from Crisp for their malting barley production, whilst Crisp has security of supply. Crisp are able to communicate directly to growers the requirements in terms of quantities, varieties and specifications. The Groups also facilitate a dialogue on husbandry, marketing and other relevant issues.

Terms & Conditions 2016 Harvest

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Barley Location

East Anglia is arguably the best barley growing area in the world, benefiting from a unique maritime climate, which subtly enhances the quality of malting barley, a quality found nowhere else in the world.

Crisp Malting is positioned at the heart of this region. Market demand has created the need for an ever increasing range of specialist products.

Crisp in Partnership with Agriculture

As part of our proving of new barley varieties for their agronomic and malting suitability at an early stage of their development, we assist with pilot and commercial scale production and trials for quality.

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